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CARE's Emergency Preparedness and Planning


CARE Emergency Curriculum-Developed to support CARE's emergency response and preparedness strategy. With three levels, the curriculum begins with the most basic knowledge required during an emergency response, progressing to critical leadership and management skills and then to specialized technical areas of expertise. The curriculum is organized in the following three categories:

Level I: Basic Core Knowledge and Foundation - Designed for all staff; a priority for staff who participate in emergency response.   Two on-line foundational courses available now include:

  • Introduction to Emergency Preparedness Planning - Course 1: A course recommended to all CARE staff members that want and need to learn more about emergency planning. It is a required course for the members of the country office emergency response teams (ERT), and a pre-requisite for the second course below. Time: 1.5 hours. Beta version.

Level II: Emergency Operations - Builds critical leadership and management skills; designed for staff who are a part of emergency preparedness and response operations.

  • Creating the Emergency Preparedness Plan - Course 2: This course is designed to be taken by ERT members as a group. It is designed as a tool to help the team work through the EPP process together and complete the written emergency preparedness plan. Time: approximately 3.5 hours. Not designed to be completed all at once. Instead, it is a tool that should be used over an extended period of time. Beta Version

Level III: Specialization - Builds specialized areas of expertise; primarily offered by external organizations.

Curriculum at a Glance: What courses should you take? This at-a-glance guide will help you map your learning strategy. Click here for a one page guide.

Detailed Catalogue: Click here for a detailed catalogue of all course listings.

Note: CARE Academy certificates of completion will be offered to staff who complete any combination of 3 or more Emergency courses. Many external partners also offer certification.


InstructorLed Courses

Calendar: View the latest, most up-to-date calendar of all CARE Emergency courses by date and location. Click here for more detail.



CARE's Critical Incident Protocol-CARE's new Critical Incident Protocol offers guidance for providing a coordinated, comprehensive, standardized response to the immediate and long-term consequences of a critical incident. It is available by clicking the link below:


Tools & Resources: Access helpful tools and resources, including CARE documents and case studies, to learn more about emergency preparedness and response at CARE.

Knowledge Sharing - Knowledge sharing is key to the CARE Emergency Curriculum, and is integrated into all levels of the program. For more info click here or to join the exchange visit the Emergency Response Team Learning Exchange to share, connect and learn from colleagues around the world. Over time, emergency colleagues will also be encouraged to share and learn through face-to-face opportunities such as TDYs, ELOs and cross visits.