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Orientation Toolkit Documents 

Orientation Toolkit Documents

Tools for the Orientation Administrator

Orientation Overview-Review and understand what a successful CARE Orientation process looks like with guidelines roles and responsibilities.

Face-to-Face Orientation Template- Use this to create a face-to-face/one on one Orientation Presentation to offer to the new hire.  

Office Reference Guide Template-Use this to create an office specific reference guide and give to new hire upon arrival.  It can be found in the Welcome Package Folder.

Orientation Administrator Checklist-Use this to make sure you are following all the steps necessary to implement orientation in your office.

Emergency Orientation Checklist-Use this if you have new hires that need to be oriented quickly. This list contains everything a new hire MUST know.


Tools for the Manager

Managers' Checklist-Give this tool to managers to follow and make sure  they are following the necessary steps to provide an orientation for their new hire .

New Hire Meeting Schedule-Provide this tool to the manager to help them schedule all the necessary meetings for the new hire. The manager should give this to the new hire during their first meeting together.

Managers‘ Meetings-Provide this tool to managers to help them prepare for their three orientation meetings with the new hire.


For the New Employee

Orientation Checklist-Use this tool to guide you through the orientation process. When you complete this checklist, please return to your HR representative.

Orientation Tips-Review these pointer s to help you  have a successful orientation.

First Manager Meeting-Use this form to help you  prepare for the initial meeting with your manager.

Orientation Review-Complete this form to  check  your understanding of all the information shared during orientation.

Required Courses Quiz-Take this quiz on the required courses to see what you have learned from the courses.

Orientation Evaluation-Complete this survey  to help CARE improve orientation and return to your HR representative.

History of CARE

CARE Today  

Program Approach

CARE Strategic Plan

What CARE Expects of You

CARE Country Office Association (COA)

Resources and Links

* To request a CD version of the toolkit or a toolkit in French, Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese please email