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Online OnBoarding for new employees.

First Days

  1. Complete and submit your Paperwork
  2. Receive copy of your employee handbook, office policies, and orientation reference materials
  3. Receive access card for building, parking and/or ID Badge (if applicable)
  4. Meet with your manager for your first orientation meeting:
    • Review the checklist
    • Receive your new hire meeting schedule from your manager
    • Schedule time with your manager for a follow-up meeting
  5. Receive tour of work location and of your work station
  6. Meet your coworkers
  7. Receive Safety and Security briefing (if applicable)
  8. Obtain all needed information such as computer password, telephone code, Project Number and Fund Code
  9. Receive IT training on telephone, computer procedures
  10. Learn about office procedures (i.e. finance, reporting, PARS, how to report Paid Time Off)
  11. For US Staff-Attend Orientation Part 1: The Basics
    (Held every other Monday Morning at 9:30 am (EST) in the HR Conference Room, 2nd Floor of Headquarters-to attend the session via WebEx, please click here)

 First Day Resources:

US Benefits Guide

New Employee FAQ

CARE USA Orientation Schedule

New Employee Meeting Schedule

Guide for Meeting with Your Manager


 *** If resources ask you for a password, click cancel three times and the document will open***