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Online OnBoarding for new employees.

First Weeks/First Months


1. Create a CARE Academy Profile  and Register for the eCourses required on CARE Academy

2. For US Based Staff, attend Orientation Part 2: The Organization

    • You MUST sign up for Orientation Part 2: The Organization on CARE Academy
    • To Register on CARE Academy Click here
    • To join virtually Click Here

3. Review the The Village FAQ and spend time searching on the Village.  The Village is CARE’s repository for staff worldwide to access timely and relevant information about the organization.

4. Meet with your Orientation Mentor (if applicable)

5. At the end of your first month, meet with your manager for a 2nd orientation meeting. This is an opportunity for you to give your own feedback and suggestionsas well as listen to your manager’s feedback on your performance in your new role. Not all managers will do this, we encourage you to request this meeting with your manager. In this meeting you can:  

    • Gain  understanding of your team’s performance management process (APAA), the timing and procedure for performance reviews
    • Begin discussing you performance and development goals for the upcomming year. Review your unit’s financial information and receive your Project Number (PN) and Fund Code (FC) numbers (if applicable)

First Weeks/Months Resources 

CARE Academy Registration Instructions

Orientation Schedule


 *** If resources ask you for a password, click cancel three times and the document will open***

*Orientation for US based employees is held every second Tuesday of the Month in Atlanta, Georgia contact the HR Service Center for additional details.